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Review of the Totally Tomatoes 2018 Catalog: a Tomato Lovers’ Catalog

This tomato lovers’ catalog actually offers more than tomatoes. However, for the sake of this review I will focus mainly on the love apples that we all so adore, those powerhouses of lycopene and other phytonutrients. It is definitely a great idea to dedicate a catalog to tomatoes and the vegetables that marry well with […]

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Hazleton Can Become a Part of the Rust Belt Revival

Our city is a microcosm of the Rust Belt: one lingering notch in Rust’s great Belt. We have been wearing that belt for too long, and it hurts. And We’re Living Here in Hazleton Several decades ago Billy Joel made famous the song “Allentown,” which dealt with the demise of Bethlehem Steel. Many folks from […]

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Maintaining and Developing Home Grown Green Infrastructure: for Hazleton and Beyond

Maintaining and Developing Home Grown Green Infrastructure: for Hazleton and Beyond A Preliminary Examination of the Environmental Research Institutes’ (Esri’s) Data with a Local and Regional Focus Infrastructure for a long time now has come in two colors: green and nouveau-noxious gray. Green’s long history far pre-dates homo sapiens sapiens. Green was here first. Human […]

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R.H. Shumway’s 2018 Garden Guide (Catalog)

Shumway’s catalog has a delightfully old-fashioned feeling to it. Plants are all illustrated, mostly in black-and-white. This encourages us to use our botanical imaginations. I like this contrast with what is offered by other companies. (However, I love realistic photos, too.) We have indeed ordered from this company in the past and find the seeds […]

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Jung Seeds and Plants 2018 Catalog

Perennial favorite among home gardeners, the Jung catalog is always fondly awaited, as a force to chase away winter chills, at least here in the Pocono Northeast. Notable for its huge selections of plants and seeds, it provides plenty of inspiration for traditional as well as adventurous gardeners. We happen to be both! Additionally, of […]

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The Gem of Poplar Street: Whipped Sweet Shoppe

During the more recent history of Hazleton, a gem has emerged on Poplar Street —and with good reason, it’s very popular. In a once-upon-a-time nook of a mail depot, the Whipped Sweet Shoppe sprung up not so long ago, bringing us a new kind of fairy tale. This one is totally real! It is not […]

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Pinetree Garden Seeds and Accessories Catalog 2018

I have ordered seeds and other items such as soap-making supplies, from Pinetree for many years. In particular, we have had great success with the many tomato varieties that appear in this catalog. And while they change from year to year, the selection is always abundant, and the prices are perhaps the best in the […]

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doTerra’s Introductory Kit

Thanks again go out to Morgan Gilbert of Southern Roots Essential Oil Society for allowing us to sample this doTerra product. You can find the link to connect with her on Facebook, and a link to her website at the bottom of this page. While I have been studying essential oils for decades and am not […]

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doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub from Southern Roots Essential Oil Society

One of my all-time favorite songs is Carly Simon’s class rock hit, “Haven’t Got Time for the Pain.” Frankly, I don’t have time for any pain, and I don’t want to make time for the discomfort that comes with injuries (I have two herniated discs from a car accident in 1990, and I also suffer […]

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DoTerra’s “Serenity” Essential Oil Blend from Southern Roots Essential Oil Society

Recently, I have received three essential oil products for review from Morgan Gilbert of Southern Roots Essential Oil Society. She is a doTerra distributor and a health care professional. DoTerra has established a reputation as a high-end essential oils company, offering very pure and powerfully selected oils. This selling point has a genuine basis in […]

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