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Platinum Products: Have a Green Party! Susty Party

Susty Party Here’s some very good news: now you can throw an elegant party and not worry about increasing your carbon footprint. I first stumbled upon Susty Party’s elegant Facebook site and thought: What a great idea: sustainable party ware! Most party ware today is not green and/ or sustainable. It is usually made cheap […]

Platinum Idea: Nourish a Fruitful Victory Garden with Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer

My husband Wayne and I have been organic gardeners for almost thirty years. A great perennial friend in our keeping our yard – our Victory Garden – healthy is fish and seaweed fertilizer. Neptune’s Harvest™ (2-3-1) a pioneering fish and seaweed fertilizer helps provide a larger, sustainable harvest, and lavish floral blooms. It is available […]

Remembering My Father and the News

I can’t believe it has been months since I’ve plunged into the blogosphere. Being a newspaper woman has occupied my days and condensed them into time that has seems like mere minutes, rather than months. I began working for The Hazleton Standard Speaker in late February. Since I have a degree in mass communications, and […]

101 Ways to Pick the Best Writer‏

1 You get what you pay for, most of the time. Recently, I heard that Amazon.com paid a company in Washington $11,000 for some copy with a not-so-quick turnaround. The problem: it needed massive editing, so they had to farm it out to another writer. You should really read what you writer produces before signing […]