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The Joy of Seed Catalogs

Some Quick-Start Tomatoes My daughter, who is feeling the pull of spring cleaning, has urged me to bulldoze through a pile of seed catalogs that has been gathering on one of my kitchen tables for months.  She’s right.  It’s high and unwieldy and looks rather like a ziggurat ready to splurge its way across the […]

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Easiest Way to Grow a Bumper Crop of Tomatoes

Here is a tomato growing secret that I’ve been using for over two decades. I am happy to share it with you since I’d also like to see you harvesting enough tomatoes to feed your family.   If all goes well, you will also have many tomatoes to share! I don’t want to belabor telling you […]

Frankincense Revives Tired Skin

Tears of frankincense are nothing to cry about –unless they are the waterworks of pure elation. Essential oil of Frankincense is an elixir derived from the bark of several Boswellia trees.  Resins from the bark is scraped and dried, naturally forming tear-shaped chunks of resin.  This resin is responsible for one of the world’s first […]

Feed Your Skin with Goji Berries

Goji berries have been known – and treasured in China for at least 6,000 years; nonetheless, they seem almost too new to people in the West.  How could this noble fruit have remained hidden from us for such a long time?  Reddish-orange oval and drooping fruits glow from the goji vine, reminiscent of the hue […]