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The Dark Side of Blogging

There are a lot of purely evil blogs out there. Of course, behind these evil blogs stand evil people. Some belong to gangs or may be white supremacists. Others may just be lone wolf haters. Perhaps others are terrorists. Others are just jerks with megaphones. Hatred comes in more flavors than Baskin Robbins ever conjured. […]

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Neutralizing Competition

The headline for this blog is meant to beguile you, well, just a bit. I am not going be writing here about blasting your competition off the page or out of the market. Rather, I am talking about becoming “competition-neutral.” Honestly, I don’t believe in competition, unless we are trying to be clones, and unless […]

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Blogging: Don’t Lose Your Voice!

Find it. Keep it. And develop its many dimensions! “Voice” is what sets you apart as a writer. Every one of us has a writing voice, even if we can’t write. It is the written expression of the voice we use to speak and sing, and it is more. My father, for example, could only […]