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Ten Notable Garden Selections from the 2018 Burpee Catalog

It would be impossible to have a complete overview of 2018 seed catalogs, without delving into Burpee’s botanical imagination. Based in Warminster, in my home state of Pennsylvania, for many, the name Burpee is synonymous with victory gardening. I often buy a lot of Burpee seeds at our local Walmart, where smaller packets are sold […]

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Ten Stars of the 2018 Seeds n’ Such Catalog (Seeds, Horticulture, Organic Gardening)

Seeds n’ Such seems to be a humble name for a seed house offering so much inspiration for avid, imaginative gardeners. I hope to try the following 10 varieties of seeds, even though I have to admit, some will prove challenging for me to bring to fruition, since have been gardening on a swamp that was […]

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2017 News from the Organic Garden: Aunt Ruby’s Green Tomato

This blog got through November.  It is never too late to talk about lessons from the organic garden.  First frost is coming! Well, here we are on the cusp of November. It’s about time! For the past few days, we’ve been harvesting edible emeralds. The biggest surprise in our organic garden this year was Aunt […]