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Why Do You Need Autoresponders?

Before you can answer why you need autoresponders, you have to understand them.  There is a wealth of knowledge available, and I can recommend an e-Book dedicated to autoresponders.  Before I do, autoresponders are software programs designed to provide you a client list to keep your precious customers aware of your product line and its evolving value. Autoresponders give you a steady customer flow, allowing you to continue to generate revenue for your company.  It does not matter if you are the head of  a profit- making operation, a non-profit, or a blogger, without a client list, you cannot generate the steady flow for website awareness.  All other searches result in “by chance” hits.

Autoresponders give you the opportunity to promote your products.  You can highlight new product and provide important information to your customers, automatically.

Non-profits depend on gifts and volunteers.  Autoresponders the opportunity and tools to generate the funds for maintaining as well as financing your latest project.  Autoresponder tech also provides a platform to generate volunteers as well as provide them with valuable information.

Bloggers, you can create list for loyal followers.   You can notify them as soon as the latest blog hits your site.

You can use autoresponders for a wealth of purposes. First, you can welcome a new subscriber, providing a glistening howdy that will give subscribers a feeling that you cared that they signed up.  You can offer tips, send alerts, remind them of a pending order, send shipping notices, and give them their order slip.  Autoresponders allow you to provide personalized messages to subscribers on their birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—I this elegant software gives them a feeling of your caring, while giving s you the opportunity to promote products and specials related to the event.

You can announce special events, charity drives, special offers, e-books, advice, reminders, links to sites and contests, and send an endless array of information.  The autoresponder allows you to be as creative as you want in keeping in touch with your subscribers.  Your imagination limits the uses.

Your next step is easy.  You need to decide how important it is to increase your clientele.  Do you want to continue to reach more and more?  Of course, you do.

First, make a plan: decide what you would do with the autoresponder.  In the beginning, do not limit yourself… brainstorm.  Write down all your ideas… all of them… the list will shorten later.

Next, set up your priorities: you have the list, but you probably will not be able to do everything, especially in the beginning. Highlight your must-dos.  List the essential and rank them… this will give you a starting point.

Our next segment on autoresponders will help you build from here.  You will learn more how to get started.  Stay tuned for I Need Help…Where I Can Get It.

For more information on autoresponders, I recommend an excellent resource.  The resource is an e-Book, entitled “Double Your Online Marketing Profits with Autoresponders” by Maria Jacketti, and edited by Robert W. Bly.   You can find it at www.autorespondermagiconline.com .

Wayne Funk

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