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A Platinum Yummy : Namaste Foods’ Brownie Mix

Brownie Mix

Oh, we want this brownie mix to appear in our local grocery stores here in Hazleton, Pennsylvania! This gluten free brownie mix is a chocolate lover’s delight. And quite honestly, one need not be gluten-sensitive to enjoy the experience of this easy and healthy chocolate delight creation. No one need know that the brownies are gluten free, for the will pass any taste test, and stand proudly next to any traditional wheat flour equivalent.
I am very impressed by the high quality cocoa used in the formulation of this mix. As the brownies baked, our entire house filled with the fragrance of luscious, pure chocolate. It was intoxicating! Obviously, this product contains no artificial ingredients: just cane juice, Dutch cocoa, brown rice, tapioca, and arrowroot flours, salt, and xanthan gum. You add eggs, oil, and water. In the future, I may try baking them with egg replacer; I’d also like to see if unsweetened applesauce can replace the oil successfully. However, if oil and/ or eggs are not an issue, I see no reason not to just stick with the simple directions on the box.
I prefer moist brownies over the cake-type and was in luck here. The Namaste mix makes moist, fudge-like gems. Additionally, the brownie mix is reasonably priced. One bag makes two full batches. We applaud the good pricing since people who need gluten and allergen free products frequently have to pay out-of-sight prices to live within dietary restrictions. This mix will delight the senses – and it won’t break the bank.
30 oz. $5.86

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