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Air Scense Aromatherapy


Air Scense is a product that in its name blends the words “scents” and “sense” to create a new word that actually makes total sense to me!

The company makes essential oil -infused air fresheners.

They smell so real because they are so real.

To date, I’ve tried two varieties, lavender and vanilla, which I purchased at Wegmans in Wilkes-Barre last month. The aromas are so over-the-top enchanting that I would really like to try the entire line including orange and lime.

The great surprise about this product is that it has been around for a while. However, I never found it any grocery store until I had the Wegmans’ epiphany.

Seven ounces of the air freshener sells for $8.59 plus shipping on the company’s website. So this is investment air freshener, and as with so many products that I review on my website, I need to emphasize the word “investment.”

In today’s market, you pay for purity. In a perfect world, all products would be pure and natural. But we are nowhere near that Utopian vision.

These air fresheners are so luscious that I wish I could wear them as perfumes!

But that is not their purpose.

I spray the lavender around my bed at night to inspire good vibrations. We are told not to spray it on fabrics. But I am nothing if not disobedient. I spray it on my pillows without harm to the fabrics.

However, I am NOT advising you to follow my brash example.  (I have scented my pillows with essential oils for years, and still do.) 

In fact, I am advising to simply follow the directions on the spray can.

 I am, unabashedly, a lavender freak, and nothing offends me more than the stench of artificial, wannabe lavender.  Air Scense meets my expectations for the true flower reminiscent of the empurpled fields of Provence.

I spray the vanilla around me when I am working at my computer during the day. Air Scense’s vanilla is delightfully bright and delicately sweet and resonates better than the vanilla essential oil that I put in my diffuser. Combining the rapture of the vanilla orchid with lavender’s velvety aroma also work like exquisite alchemy, inspiring serenity.

In the past, I have made my own air fresheners with essential oils, and I expect I will do that again in the future. 

But I’m also quite sure that I will keep several bottles of Air Scense in my home, too. Its pure aromatherapy benefits provide worry-free inhalation for folks of all ages. 

And its beauty surely transcends stinky bathroom fugues.  This product line is worth your lavish attention.

Visit Air Scense at http://airscense.com/index.php.

Copyright 2016 by Maria Jacketti

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