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Bear’s Beauty Chocolate Mint Toothpaste

Chocolate-Mint Toothpaste

Chocolate Mint Toothpaste

Bear’s Beauty has taken toothpaste to a place of wonder, if not pure astonishment. Welcome to the new toothpaste universe.

I am currently using Bear’s Chocolate Mint Toothpaste, so it’s safe to say that I need no encouragement when it comes to brushing my teeth. If it works for me at age 56, just imagine what it can do for persnickety kids! (My inner child is turning cartwheels…)

The toothpaste itself is infused with many levels of genius.

I am not so old that I can’t remember what it was like to be a kid who didn’t want to brush her teeth! Unfortunately, I have a mouthful of fillings that prove I was an utter brat when it came to taking care of them during my earliest years.

But what if I had this chocolate mint toothpaste? Knowing me, I might have eaten it! (Yes, I didn’t brush my teeth – but I had a terrible habit of eating toothpaste right from the tube. And that didn’t provide collateral benefits!) Because this toothpaste tastes so very good, I advise parents to keep it out of kid’s too easy reach.

This toothpaste, which re-mineralizes teeth, comes in chocolate, chocolate-mint, and chocolate-orange flavors.

Since I adore mint, the choco-mint was a perfect sampler for me. Upon first trying it out, I schmeared some right on to my teeth so as not to waste a precious glob.

Instantly, I felt the essential oil of peppermint waking up my mouth, while soothing my inflamed gums and sinuses.

Caution: when you use this, visions of peppermint patties may dance through your head. They certainly danced through mine! So when the confectionary images arise, remember that this is indeed serious dental care, and brush on.

The Fluoride Debate

Chocolate Mint Toothpaste lacks fluoride, which for some might be a problem. Fluoride in toothpastes, mouthwashes and water supplies remains greatly controversial.

Is fluoride a mind control tool? Does it shrink the pineal gland and make us stupid?


It is an issue about which I feel ambivalent.  Neither side has convinced me yet that it is perfectly safe or a public health hazard. I suspect that the truth lies buried in much more gray, complex terrain.

Yet, if one is avoiding fluoride, a perfect alternative is here, beckoning with three flavors.

When you spit out the toothpaste, the sink will indeed welcome a brown slurry heading down the drain. Well, that is because there is real raw cocoa in the mix.  This toothpaste is sweetened only with stevia, so that no saccharine-bitter aftertaste becomes an after effect of brushing. So, there is no bleck!

Organic extra virgin coconut oil is the first ingredient listed in the formulation. It also contains Himalayan pink salt, non-aluminum baking soda,  diatomaceous earth and betonite clay.

So, the next time you are going to visit someone with a sweet tooth and asked to “bring chocolate,” bring a real surprise – this toothpaste and several fresh, new brushes!

Six fluid ounces in a squeeze tube sells for $29.87, plus shipping and handling, with smaller sizes also available. See the product at http://www.bearsbeauty.com/deodorant-oral-care/263071113/chocolate-toothpaste-mct-toothpaste-cocoa-cocoa-kids-toothpaste-natural-toothpaste-coffee-drinkers-toothpaste-raw-cocoa/?

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