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Bear’s Beauty Is All Genius, and Handmade!

Recently, we sampled a variety of Bear’s Beauty products, and there is much to cheer about.

First, these are indie, hand-crafted products packed with some of the most ingredient on can formulate with, well anywhere on Earth. So, we would like to tell you about some of our favorites.

It is evident that these products are lovingly made, with their recipes considered with the upmost care.

*Bear’s Beauty Deodorant is fresh and naturally fragrant and free of aluminum.  This is great news for those concerned about that additive, usually found in antiperspirants. Some of the ingredients like clay and baking soda have been used for deodorizing purposes, well, for millennia. It also contains nourishing hemp seed oil and coconut oil. Highly recommended!

*Black to Bright Whitening Tooth Polish takes the idea of toothpaste to a new level.  Some of its ingredients include cleansing coconut oil, charcoal, stevia and essential oils. For me, using this product goes far beyond a mere brushing of teeth.  I often have sore gums and the essentials left my mouth feeling soothed and my teeth sparkling.  The fresh-breath feeling lasted for hours and was simply nonpareil! Now, this does make your sink look a wee bit dark with the charcoal residue you spit out – but who cares?!  It all rinses out easily with a splish of water. This tooth polish is tied for 1st place with the natural sunscreen as my favorite product!  With so many naturally detoxifying ingredients, this tooth polish will change how you think about brushing your teeth.

Bear’s Beauty Sunscreen: My daughter had actually tried this before I did.  She received in her Buddhi Box, a selection of enlightened products she receives every month. The product seems to be scented with intoxicating lemongrass and goes on slightly white but rubs into the skin colorlessly.  Free of potentially toxic ingredient, you can use this brilliant product and relax.  As with all the products we tried, this one too comes complete with an aromatherapeutic experience. I apply all over my face and body.  I also apply it without worry to my lips and then top it with an all-natural lipstick.

If you really want to step off the merry-go-round of mass produced products and stop being treated as a number for bean counters to cha-ching about, Bear’s Beauty brings you the joy of celebrating the Earth’s endless gifts again.


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  1. Jerra Kelly says:
    I love your review 🙂 Thank you so much, I don’t even have words. You and people like you, who get my vision are why I keep it up! Light & Love – jerra
  2. Maria says:
    Jerra: Your products are simply brilliant. And we are eager to review more of them. Also, because you are a like-minded individual, we would love to hear your thoughts on our green ideas!

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