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Bear’s Beauty Peppermint Tint Lip Balm

pepermint lip balm

The glory of organic hemp oil enriches this intensely peppermint scented lip balm, another genius creation from Bear’s Beauty.

If you are a peppermint wimp, select another flavor.

I, on the other hand, am a peppermint goddess, so this lip balm is pure heaven for me.

I love the lip balm’s retro cardboard tube. It is so retro that it is actually ecologically fashion-forward in the best sense of the word.

Now, the balm doesn’t deliver much color; however, the color it provides is natural, and sometimes a wisp of tint is really all we need.  So, no complaints here.

I have sampled some very pricey and good natural and/ or organic lip balms. They get a little impractical for most people when they cost $22, for example.

However, Bear’s Beauty is keeping things real.

At just $4.75, even Burt’s Bees had better watch out. This is serious and extraordinary competition.



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