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Bear’s Beauty Waterless Face Cream: Rose Scented

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This is a luxuriant face cream that instantaneously creates a rose garden aromatherapy experience when you apply it to clean skin. It is best suited for those with dry skin, from what I can gather. Even though I am approaching my 57th birthday in just a few months, my skin is still very oily. However, during harsh winter months, even I can manifest patches of dry, flaky skin, onto which my metabolism pours its oils.  Indeed, sometimes, this wealth of natural oil could use a little help from nature’s garden of botanical wonders.

I wouldn’t be able to wear this cream under make-up if I were going out. I have trouble containing the oil slicks the way it is.  However, on days like this one – it’s snowing here in Pennsylvania; I’m not going out or wearing make-up – I’ve applied it to my skin as a kind of all-day renewal mask.  It is also a natural choice for an overnight mask, one that will drench your skin in the embrace of those roses. The fragrance should also promote peaceful sleep, if not amorous dreams.

The cream is available unscented – but really why would we want to skip such a glorious opportunity for aromatherapy?  Yet, it’s nice to know that this option remains for ultra-sensitive users.

Additional scents such as lavender and geranium – and jasmine with Neroli – also sound very intriguing. And they are beckoning me!

Here’s more good news: this cream will not aggravate acne, and that actually is not only good news for me, but for younger folk, too. I am still zit-prone and must avoid anything that plugs up my pores.

We can all celebrate that the fact that this cream is vegan and therefore cruelty-free.

And aside from the fragrance of roses, numerous botanicals add value to this product. I am particularly excited about green tea and licorice in the formula, two ingredients renowned for evening out skin tone.

 Two fluid ounces of this cream sells for $30.77, plus shipping and handling: http://www.bearsbeauty.com/face-creams-serums/256057870/waterless-vegan-face-cream//

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