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Bears from Your Armpits!

Bear’s Beauty

I’ve been a fan of Bear’s Beauty for years.  All of their products, from the hair and face serums to the moisturizers and sunscreens, are nourishing, effective, and guilt-free because all of the ingredients used in their creation are plant-based.  What’s so amazing about Bear’s Beauty is the diversity and customization of the products.  You can choose products based on skin or hair type, a particular beauty woe or desired outcome, or you can search for a scent preference.   Bears even provides a scent glossary to choose from based on the benefits you’re looking to reap.

Although I have sampled an array of Bear’s Beauty products, my current obsession is the company’s natural deodorant.  I am a stickler for using natural, aluminum-free deodorant, mainly because breast cancer runs in my family, and I’m a true believer that is important to let your armpits breathe.  But, no one wants to stink, and most natural deodorants do not cut it when it comes to delivering fragrance that is just pure effective, beauty.  I am a very active person—I do CrossFit, yoga, and an array of other sports, and I can confidently say Bear’s Beauty deodorant has stood up to all my activities.

I’ve received so many complements about my deodorant, from my coworkers to my boyfriend (tea tree and lavender was his favorite!) I can say  this never happened to me  before because of a deodorant.  It’s like a super-functional perfume.  Currently, I’m swooning over lemongrass and lemon.  It’s so crisp and clean, amazing for the summertime.

Check our Bear’s Beauty on its website bearsbeauty.com or on Etsy.  As I mentioned before, Bears products are super-customizable.  You can select from extra-strength to sensitive skin varieties, and scents ranging from Grapefruit + Lavender, Citrus Spice, Clove + Vanilla, and countless other combinations!

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