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doTerra’s Introductory Kit

doTerra’s Introductory Kit

Thanks again go out to Morgan Gilbert of Southern Roots Essential Oil Society for allowing us to sample this doTerra product. You can find the link to connect with her on Facebook, and a link to her website at the bottom of this page.

While I have been studying essential oils for decades and am not a beginner, I love the formulation of this kit, containing three 5 ml. oils: lavender, peppermint and lemon.

For someone taking first steps into the essential oil universe, I agree that this triad of oil gives a first-time user a panorama of practical and sublime uses. All three, of course, have been long time favorites in my household.

So, let’s examine each one and the benefits they provide.

Lavender: Well, if I had to choose just one essential oil (EO) to take to a desert island, it would be lavender. I have always considered it the fragrance of heaven, although some varieties get very camphoraceous, something that might surprise new users. Camphor may strike some noses as medicinal.

This particular strain of lavender is not overly floral; it has rich, velvety overtones. Like most lavenders, it is dab camphoraceous, just enough to clear the sinuses.

Overall, this lavender gets to the heart of this treasured flower that grows in endless fields in places like Provence.

Also, good lavender is not a one-trick pony. It should offer considerable aromatic complexity that goes straight to one’s limbic brain, creating a state of well-being and comfort.

Hint: You can create a homemade lavender room spray by mixing distilled water with one quarter witch hazel as a preservative. Add lavender in accordance to the size of your bottle and the intensity of fragrance desired.

Overall, I love exploring the ancient lore of this multi-purpose herb that doubles as a flower, comes in myriad varieties and colors, and in terms of aromatherapy has an array of uses.

People know lavender best as a relaxant. It usually tops the list of stress-relieving aromas. However, it is also highly antiseptic, which makes it a great additional to homemade soaps and cleaning products. (I make these, of course.)

Lavender is also touted as an effective treatment for acne. Of course, all essential oils must first be mixed with a bit of carrier oil like jojoba, which is touted for its many skin benefits, including the precious oil’s ability to loosen encrusted sebaceous deposits.

Lemon: As with lavender, I normally have lemon oil around the house. I love cleaning with it. And as many of you know, I’ve been making homemade soap for almost a quarter century now. A good lemon essential oil should be bright and seriously citrusy with sugary overtones.

In Japan, in some businesses, lemon essential oil is diffused throughout the workplace on a regular basis. Why? Because lemon EO is head clearing. It works to clear brain fog.

I suggest that students indulge in it when studying and before test taking. A drop can be rubbed between one’s palms and then inhaled throughout intellectually challenging activities.

Overall, lemon EO is profoundly cleansing, and it shares this quality with the fruit itself. Homemade sugar-free lemonade is known for its body cleansing properties. (I sweeten mine with stevia.)

So, I am quite the connoisseur of lemon EO. DoTerra’s is the freshest and brightest smelling lemon oil I have ever sampled. The quality of the oil sings through with rare refreshment.

Peppermint: A bottle of another company’s peppermint oil rests next to me on a table. Compared to doTerra’s, it smells weak, stale and too mild.

DoTerra’s EO is strong and bracing. The only thing I can compare it to is the way my garden smells after my husband mows our backyard peppermint batch (mostly by accident). This event perfumes the whole neighborhood, and it should, since he is grinding up and smashing a great quantity of the fresh, dynamic mint! Mentha piperita.

“Fresh” is the key word for this EO. When added to a homemade or unscented cleaning product, it will change the feeling of one’s home, literally raising its vibration, you know, taking the inhabitants of the home to a higher, better plane of existence. (Yes, aromatherapy can do that!)

The folklore of this aggressive herb is amazing. In ancient Rome, peppermint was sometimes used as money or bartering material. Everyone wanted a lot of it, largely for its medicinal purposes. Also, as with herbs such as lavender, it could be used to perfume a steaming bath, with the leaves serving as cleansing agents.

Soap is a relatively recent human invention.

Sniffing peppermint, real peppermint oil, has been shown to tame savage appetites for food, particularly sweets.

While the kit contains three of the more common essential oils, there is nothing pedestrian about it. The quality of the oils distinguishes the kit.

Shop at https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/southernrootseosocietymg



Retail: $26.67, Wholesale, $20.00

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  1. Mhyre says:
    Now I know I can trust the products from Doterra. Thanks, Prof. Maria Jacketti!
  2. Maria Jacketti says:
    Thanks for the wonderful comment. We take all of our product reviews very seriously. And we encourage those who send us products for review to use them on their websites and/ or Facebook pages. Most reviewers offer blurbs, maybe a few sentences about a product. We tell stories.

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