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DoTerra’s “Serenity” Essential Oil Blend from Southern Roots Essential Oil Society

doTerra Serenity

Recently, I have received three essential oil products for review from Morgan Gilbert of Southern Roots Essential Oil Society.

She is a doTerra distributor and a health care professional.

DoTerra has established a reputation as a high-end essential oils company, offering very pure and powerfully selected oils.

This selling point has a genuine basis in the products themselves.

In this first blog, I will be discussing the Serenity essential oil blend. I’m starting here because if there is one thing that we all need more of, it’s serenity.

Most essential oil companies make some kind of relaxation blend. It was pleasantly surprising how this blend differed from others I have tried.

This blend starts off with everyone’s perennial favorite, lavender, and then moves onto to cedarwood. (Cedarwood, traditionally is also used as a prosperity oil and bug repellant.) Ho Wood, with its bracing camphoraceous aroma, comes next. I love the way this particular oil harmonizes in the blend for head clearing.

Ylang Ylang, a very powerful floral oil, with a storied Eastern history, follows on the label in descending order of EO percentages. I have often used this mythic flower oil straight up, and truly it must be employed with care since it can be over-powering. However, in this blend, that just doesn’t happen. It manifests itself with incredible delicacy, even softness.

The blender of this synthesis understood the meaning of “harmony.”

Marjoram oil follows the floriferous ylang ylang. And that too is interesting in terms of making this blend work as it does. Marjoram is, of course, related to oregano, but it is an annual plant and much more tender than its robust and antibacterial cousin. I have never seen marjoram EO used in a relaxation blend before, probably because of its price. (This blend contains a number of very expensive oils.) Marjoram EO shares oregano’s antibacterial qualities, while also being sedative. It is also a vasodilator, something that helps explain why this blend has alleviated my migraines.

Other oils in the blend include ultra-expensive Roman chamomile, vetiver, vanilla and Hawaiian sandalwood.

To relieve my headaches, I place several drops in the palms of my hands and then rub them together, vigorously. I then cup my palms in an open prayer mudra and breathe in the oils, deeply. The aromas will remain mingling on the palms for at least a half hour, longer than most. After completing this exercise for a half hour, stress indeed dissipates.

If your household is experiencing chronic stress, try a few drops in a diffuser. I am particularly fond of aromatherapy plug-ins that come with a little scent pad. You place a few drops of the oil or oil blend on the pad. The aroma will disperse and fill a room for many hours. This is a great idea for sleepy-time, particularly when that time doesn’t come easily.

If you don’t have a diffuser, try getting a large pot. Fill it with water, add some of the oil and stir. Boil the water, and bring it all down to a simmer. Make sure to keep an eye on the pot so that all the water/oil combo does not boil all the way down and burn the pot. This method can perfume a household, therapeutically, for hours.

Gilbert’s Facebook site explains a number of her activities; she caters to essential oil clients across the country and is very available for cordial consultation.

These essential oils should be considered investments.



Retail: $42.50, Wholesale: $32.80, 15 ml.

Shop at https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/southernrootseosocietymg

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