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Earth Kiss Masks Celebrate the Gifts of Our Planet in Unique Ways

51L5rF0gRXL._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_Recently, we had a chance to try a number of Earth Kiss masks, which are the best I have ever used.

The great news is that these great-priced masks provide a spa-level experience at home.

Today, I ‘d like to tell you about my two favorites, which provide exceptional botanical and mineral ingredients.

I sampled the Miracle Clay Facial Bamboo Sheet Mask. The name of this mask alone conveys the roots of its exceptional qualities.  For ages, yes, we have known that applying various varieties of clay to the body can yield detoxification and beautification, while bamboo has been prized for millennia in the East and considered fundamentally lucky.

Well, your luck is about to improve.

This is a sheet mask that you apply to your face in one refreshing swoop for a quantum-chill out.

Like the old fashioned ones that are still great, you don’t slather on this one.  You applied it to your face in one sheet saturated with mask. When one side dried out, I flipped it over to the other side to soak up all the goodness. You will too, since you won’t want to waste a drop of it.

I found that this mask provided my face with instantaneous refreshment.

It is infused with geranium and mandarin oils, which are profoundly relaxing, and it also contains baobab, dead salt for detoxification.

Now, my skin is blessedly odd.  At 55, I don’t suffer from dry skin much.  I might a have few days of it during extreme winter. But my skin is actually still mostly oily. The flip side of my skin’s quirky condition is that it also demands hydration. Even oily skin needs a good drink often.

I was afraid that this mask would make my skin oiler; however, that was not the case.   After the lush, plush, fragrant experience, my skin tingled in a great way for a long time.  It looked awake and bright and had no greasy residue.  Instead, my skin shouted gratitude to me, as it was balanced.

I also loved the White Thai Clay Rejuvenate Mask.  I applied this one on a day that I had a sinus headache and didn’t expect it to take it away. Perhaps it was the tea tree and lemongrass oils that worked such alchemy.  It was definitely a stress-relieving experience, providing serious aromatherapy as it beautified my skin.

This mask goops  and globs on the old-fashioned way that I love – it is not a sheet mask – but a more familiar sploosh-it-out clay type, but don’t confuse it with masks you have used in the past.  This wonder has nothing in common with them.

Earth Kiss masks only contain the most precious, natural ingredients and no poisons that may populate the ingredient lists of el-cheapo or even harshly expensive masks.

Finally, I am sending Earth Kiss a wish. Please package these glorious masks in tubes for those of us who would like to use them, yes, every day!  That’s me.  But when you try them, you will want to use them often, too.

You can find Earth Kiss Masks on Amazon.com for $3.09 for six.

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