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Heavenly Skin Care: Argan-Tangerine Deep Cleansing Lotion

Tilth Beauty’s Argan Tangerine Deep Cleansing Lotion is a favorite in our household. My husband, daughter, and I all use it.

I like to use it as my “wake-me-up” wash in the morning, and as my “pick-me-up wash” in the afternoon. The product’s tangerine fragrance is luscious and cheering.  It’s one that you will welcome at any time of the day, and during any season.

During this very long, seemingly never-ending winter here in the Northeast, this lavish face wash lifted my mood and brightened my complexion, simultaneously. As you might expect, this is no ordinary face wash, and actually we live in an age when we can – and should – expect more from what we use to cleanse the part of us that the world sees and reacts to, the most. I use the product with my Olay spin cleansing brush, for about five minutes at a time. (Neutrogena makes a similar complexion brush. It’s rather like a spin toothbrush – only it’s for the face.) And instead of just washing my face, I get one aromatic oasis of a facial!

A good facial cleanser has always been the most important skin care product for me. I’ve always had oily skin and cleansed a lot, at least three times a day. This is still the case for me today at age 50+. As many tell me, oily skin is a blessing. Well, I can see some truth in that now. On the other hand, my husband once told me that my skin produced so much oil, I could be an OPEC nation! Yes, you can have too much of a good thing, and in my case, it’s sebum.

While some of my oil-rich tribe may be tempted to just let it flow and shine – to which I say, “Ugh,” I would remind them that too much sebum is not just as aesthetic problem to be soaked up with face powder. Excess oil will clog pores, and acne can ensue. Sebaceous cysts can also form, if the clogs get serious, those bumps of solidified oil aren’t pretty. They become semi-permanent or permanent landmarks on the face.

Over the years, I have had to have several sebaceous cysts removed by a dermatologist. Those expensive interventions taught me that gentle, deep-cleansing is a matter of saving face.

Ultimately, skin care is more important than make-up to me, although, of course, we should choose the highest quality products when investing in each.

So, I wash my face a lot. I want to rid myself of oil slicks, but at the same time, I have to make sure I don’t dry out my complexion. That is not the easiest task, and it’s one that is all about balance. Precious argan oil, a beauty ingredient that has spanned the centuries, helps keep that delicate balance. It is non-greasy but yet prevents the onslaught of winter’s all too familiar parchment skin. Yes, even very oily skin like mine can become painfully dry if I use the wrong product – and then I have the dilemma of still cleansing the sebum that piles on atop dry skin.

This product prevents that ugly scenario and loves my skin, instead, and all with a fresh scent that makes me happy, even when I have to confront the snowy months of gloom that you may be wrestling with, too.

Tilth Beauty, 4 ounces, $34.00

Vargas Cosmetics


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