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Hello, Glorious Microwave Popcorn: A Review of Quinn Popcorn

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We love to sample products that can improve our lives and do the same for a large section of consumers. Often we uncover these products at Wegmans in Wilkes-Barre.

The trip to the mini-metropolis from our home base of Hazleton, Pennsylvania takes at least an hour, and usually more than that.  Hazleton is certainly not a food desert; on the other hand, Wegmans is a veritable wonderland.

On a busy workday, getting to Wilkes-Barre is out of the question. Well, the way I drive, it can easily take two hours!  However, it is usually very worth the extra effort, if it is not a day when I’m shackled to the clock.

When I can’t find the products, I rely on Amazon.com and give thanks for my Prime subscription, without which I would surely not buy many of these products for better living.

Several months ago, our local Giant Market marketed Quinn Popcorn, briefly, and then it disappeared.

How sad.  Our city and the price points just didn’t mix.  But I rather wished that the locals might have read my review and considered why Quinn Popcorn is worth a regular splurge.

Regular microwave popcorn carries a host of chemicals we should be thinking about before eating, and since kids love popcorn, we definitely need to consider the consequences of dumping chemicals into their young metabolisms.

Quinn managed to take all of these bad-guy chemicals out,  and it still delivers the freshest and best-tasting microwave popcorn ever created.  In fact, it rivals my freshly-air-popped creations.

Now perhaps you are squeamish about using microwaves, in general.  I find the current generation of microwaves safe for occasional use, and particularly for short use.  I wouldn’t want to cook a turkey in one, however.

On the other hand, I am not giving up my two microwave ovens. I live in the real world and need real-time cooking solutions, and particularly now that I am diabetic, I sometimes plunge into despair, when I find there is plenty of food in the house to eat – but not much I want to eat, or can eat with having a blood sugar spike.

Quinn popcorn is a whole food and ranks in the top ten healthy treats discovered thus far for 2015 and beyond.

The “plain” popcorn is gorgeously nutty and organic. It contains no GMOs.

But try the rosemary/ parmesan, maple and hickory flavors  to discover the wonders of this popcorn, which the small company  appropriately calls “reinvented.”

If you have Amazon prime, you can find it online for under $15.00.  You will get 3 memorable boxes.





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