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Jung Seeds and Plants 2018 Catalog

Jung Seeds and Plants 2018 Catalog

Perennial favorite among home gardeners, the Jung catalog is always fondly awaited, as a force to chase away winter chills, at least here in the Pocono Northeast. Notable for its huge selections of plants and seeds, it provides plenty of inspiration for traditional as well as adventurous gardeners. We happen to be both!

Additionally, of course, we have had good success with purchases from Jung Seeds and Plants in the past. Here is the selection that we find ultra-interesting for 2018:

  1. Pink Popcorn Blueberry: How can we resist the charm of this new cultivar? Pink and cream-colored blueberries on a traditional plant! Shrubs promise to reach 5-feet tall. How about a pink blueberry pie for a surprise potluck dessert? I want this one very much. This is a top-of-the-list choice.
  2. Jostaberries: This berry is a combination of gooseberries and black currants, both of which are favorites in our Victory Garden. However, we never grow enough of either. It is wonderful that this plant promises to be hardy to -40. And since Wayne is our resident jam-maker, I can only imagine how lusciously sweet-tart his work with this berry will be.
  3. Pink Champagne Currant: So, no big news here—we are currant lovers. I cannot understand why more American gardeners have not fallen in love with this berry. It has been a favorite in Europe for ages, used both in baked goods and ice cream, and even sweetened ice pops, like paletas. The white berries, blushed pink, are very enticing. I also wonder if their flavor differs from others currants. We never have a glut of them, but I trying drying some for fall and winter baking. So, the only solution—we need to acquire more. Luckily, they are small plants.
  4. Goji Berries: Jung offers three varieties with three distinct botanical blueprints: Big Lifeberry, Sweet Lifeberry and Crimson Star. Traditionally known as wolfberries, these fruits are super fruits and super foods. Planting your own goji berries is a great idea for the frugal gardener. Have you priced these in the supermarkets lately?
  5. Mandarin Lights Azaleas: I love all types of azaleas; however, orange ones are my absolute favorites. This one promises brilliant red-orange coloration—and hardiness to -30. I plan huge azalea plantings this year.
  6. Candle Fire Okra: These seeds promise a red, perhaps reddish violet variety of one of my absolute favorite vegetables, okra. If you have only tried frozen okra, get ready for a great surprise. I like to stir fry okra and add it to salads. As I have mentioned before, it is worth growing okra, if only for the stunning flowers. But you will get more gourmet delight from this neglected vegetable thought only to star in gumbo.
  7. Cayenne (pepper) Blend: While I am cutting down on growing hot peppers, I still want to grow an assortment of colorful cayennes. This packet promises red, purple, yellow, orange and green, all in one economical packet.
  8. Supreme Cantaloupe Echinacea: I collect old and new Echinaceas. This variety has “domed apricot-orange blooms.” This delicate, absolutely peachy shade is rare and a must-have for Echinacea lovers.
  9. Heucheras or Coral Bells: Renowned for thriving in shady areas of the garden, I need all of these for the side of my house that gets little sun. I would love to try out the large, amazing assortment here. Their poetic names reflect unique appearances: Some include: Georgia Peach, Amethyst, Southern Comfort and Coco Berry.
  10. Green Jewel Echinacea: I can’t help it. I am magnetized back to these flowers. I can begin and end with Echinaceas. But let’s talk a bit about the rarest colors in flowers: black and green. This Echinacea appears to have almost fluorescent green petals. I personally love growing the rarer floral hues, which also include brown and blue flowers. Open up your mind to the complete floral rainbow with this refreshing bloom It is easy to fall in love with her.

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We also enjoy testing and reviewing plants and seeds that are appropriate for cultivation in the Pocono Northeast. Contact us if you would like us to test garden one of your verdant wonders.

Copyright 2018 by Maria Jacketti


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