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Laurel’s Lifestyle: Tsi-La’s Organic Parfum: Absolu Vanille

Tsi La Organic Parfum

It is so hard to find a quality perfume that you can also feel good about using.

The right perfume can become the finishing touch to an elegant outfit, set the mood for a romantic evening, or even comfort you with the aromas of your childhood. But we often neglect to think about the toxic chemicals and practices used to make perfumes that are both harmful to the environment and ourselves.

So, when I came across a perfume that had both a magnificent aroma and was created using sustainable, cruelty- free practices, with ingredients that are actually good for you, I was absolutely amazed.

L’Absolu Vanille, an organic eau de parfum from Tsi-La is imbued with layers of luscious scents that warm and inspire the entire body.

Vanilla bourbon, the piece de resistance of this perfume, is sensual and alluring.  Tsi La

At the same time, when mixed with intoxicating scents of sweet cocoa and a hint of caramelized Siam benzoin resin, it transports me back to soothing memories of baking delicious treats as a child.

Along with these tasty aromas, the perfume also instilled with Indonesian sandalwood, giving it an earthy quality, which is deeply relaxing.

It is essential to note that L’Absolu Vanille, along with all of Tsi-La’s products, is animal cruelty- free, `vegan, has zero harmful synthetic chemicals, colors, or preservatives, and it is an organic, all natural eau de parfum.

What makes this product even more astonishing is that is infused with super-fruits and phytonutrients, and contains vitamins and minerals.

When you use this product, not only are you doing something good for the environment, but you’re also doing something beyond wonderful for your body.


Tsi-La offers this perfume, along with a variety of scents and products on its website, tsilaorganics.com.

Laurel Jacketti Funk

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