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Mobile Massage Comes Home


Over the last year, I have had three massages, and they were all wonderful.

For my most recent massage, however, I did not have to leave home.

Instead the massage therapist came to me.

During the week, I hop into my car and travel quite a lot, so when I get a chance to be at home, I relish the experience.  I want to soak up every home-sweet moment.

Jim Fichter of Mobile Massage by Jim came to my home equipped with everything he needed to provide a spa quality massage without my having to leave my home.  He serves the Greater Hazleton Area.

The massage lasted an hour and left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  The session particularly helped the pain in my neck and shoulders, which often leads to stress headaches.

The extra benefits of getting a massage at home cannot be underestimated. And if you are intrigued by the idea, I am sure you have your own unique set of reasons why a home massage may work perfectly for you.

Is my work life like yours? During a typical week, I tend to work 12-hour days, and sometimes, this happens seven days a week. While I need to shop and run other errands, I don’t look forward to doing a lot of extra driving.

While I am working on assuaging this pattern “work, work, work,” my vacation time is nearly non-existent.

So, for me that one hour massage constituted a mini-vacation!

I know that not everyone has my grueling work schedule; nevertheless, regular massages can provide an array of health benefits.

Let’s make the comparison with going to a gym.

Last week my daughter was encouraging me to embrace going to a gym, since she is joining one.

However, over the years, I’ve invested in some very good gym equipment right here in my home.

I told her, “Laurel, Honey, I don’t like going to the gym. I prefer to work out in my own home.”

I am happy now that I have the same option for getting massages in the comfort of the place I love so dearly.

For more information, see www.mobilemassagebyjim.com

Price for a one-hour massage: $50.00

Copyright 2016 by Maria Jacketti

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