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Once Again Blanched Almond Butter

Once Again Nut Butter Blanched Almon Butter

It has been some time since I’ve reviewed a new product. Well, that is because we don’t get excited about just anything.

Once Again recently introduced Extra Creamy Blanched Almond Butter. I understand it is also available in a crunchy formula that I have not tried yet. Let’s anticipate that the big difference between the two will be texture.

We are long-time fans of Once Again products in this family.  I’ve always ranked my favorite product as cashew butter, although each of the seed and nut butters remains indispensable in our household. But now I must confess that the new keto-friendly Blanched Almond Butter has entered into a tie with cashew.

Keto Friendly

The culinary charms of this new nut butter are myriad. But first let me say that I am not practicing any type of keto diet, even though my husband and I are diabetics. Keto just does not work for me. First, I’m flexitarian, and second, all I have to do when starting any keto-like plan is behold some blueberries or a ripe melon, or take a whiff of a ripe strawberry.

So, I will leave it up to others to write about how wonderful this nut butter is when it comes to those who can pass by the enticement of fruit, in particular. Yet, as a diabetic who must not binge on carbs, I appreciate that there are only three grams per serving in this sauce-like creation. If there is any problem with this nut butter it is just this: I want to dive in with a spoon and eat the whole jar!

Great for Recipes

Now let’s talk about beauty. Because this nut butter is blanched, it is ends up being a French-vanilla white—pretty enough in a confectionary sense. Yet I envision myself adding natural food colorings to it to make rainbow-shade toppings and layers, perhaps for a low-sugar ice cream. It also seems more naturally sweet to me than regular almond butter. I am very sensitive to sweetness; I crave it, and this nut butter delivers it in an intriguing way.

Visit Once Again’s website to get recipes using the nut butter. You will find yourself experimenting with its uses, and so, I’m sure, you will want to purchase it right from the company by the case.

Right now, I am most interested in using it in salad dressings and healthy sauces. Beyond this, I am a fan of making homemade fruit bars, which I call paletas. I can already feel how this nut butter will blend with coconut, coconut milk, and bananas. (I am staring at a bowl of leopard-spotted ripe bananas at this very moment!) Imagine it pairing blissfully with any fresh fruit.

Maybe It’s a Time for Change

Ultimately, if you are avoiding old fashioned butter, this nut butter will add character to many recipes when you try a switcheroo.  It practically pours right out of the jar, making dispensing it  breeze-easy .

The Once Again family is always interested in seeing customer recipes. I hope to have the patience to write down the substance of my experiments so that I can share my endeavors with you.


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