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Once Again Sunflower Butter


We have been enjoying Once Again nut and seed butters for over two decades now.

Sunflower butter is my daughter’s favorite – each one of us has a different fave but no least favorite.

My favorite is cashew butter, with almond coming in a close second.

My husband, who is the master hummus maker, favors tahini.

As for peanut butter, our old friend, we will need to devote many columns to this adopted American wonder.

Freshness is important, so with all of these, of course, we turn to Once Again.

When we aren’t getting our sunflower butter directly from Once Again, we can find it at Wegmans in Wilkes-Barre.

It is the only Once Again butter that the store carries!

If you haven’t tried sunflower butter, be assured that it is gently-flavored, and in my opinion, more reminiscent of peanut butter than the others.

When we can, we get Once Again’s organic nut and seed butters. But be assured that the natural ones are also excellent.

So, if you are a peanut butter fan and not quite ready for cashew and almond, try sunflower first. You will soon find yourself craving more adventure.

Nearly every day, I see my daughter spreading sunflower butter on a freshly sliced apple.

But there is no end to how you can use sunflower butter. I have used it in virtually any recipe calling for peanut butter, and often a sunflower butter with one of my husband’s homemade jams is my lunch before I speed off to my full-time job in the newsroom. (So far, Wayne has made currant jelly this season – a mix of organic black and red currants from our backyard.)

I also love the fact that this seed butter comes from the super-hero of flowers, the sunflower!

This year, I missed them in my backyard: my seed starts withered as I chased down stories on the streets of Hazleton.

Nevertheless, I believe I will have abundant sunflowers next summer.

In the meantime, we can all still enjoy this amazing food derived from sunflowers.

If your kids wish to have their sunflower spread a little sweeter, add a dash maple syrup, one of Once Again’s honeys, coconut sugar, chopped dates, or stevia or All-Fruit-type jams as mix-ins.

Since I am diabetic, I have to be careful with the sugary mix-ins.  Happily, sunflower butter keeps my blood sugar steadier than most foods, however.

In our home, Once Again Sunflower Butter is a staple.  It’s just that simple.

Your imagination is the only limitation when dealing with the nutty sunshine inside this butter.


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