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Platinum Idea: Nourish a Fruitful Victory Garden with Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer

My husband Wayne and I have been organic gardeners for almost thirty years. A great perennial friend in our keeping our yard – our Victory Garden – healthy is fish and seaweed fertilizer. Neptune’s Harvest™ (2-3-1) a pioneering fish and seaweed fertilizer helps provide a larger, sustainable harvest, and lavish floral blooms. It is available online through Conserv-A-Store, just in time to boost the health of your spring garden and kick up the fragrance of your hyacinths.
I am a longtime fan of this type of fertilizer. Some twenty years ago, a dying coleus plant taught me the value of the magic of sea fertilizer. I have always loved rainbow-leaved coleus and their bold colors, magentas, reds, the opulent and lavish black veins and outlines. Coleus plants do flower modesty, but their beauty is all about the rainbow-infused leaves and their baroque leaf patterns. Nothing is sadder though, than when a coleus loses its color. It is a sign of the plant’s systemic failure.
In the middle of winter, I watched one my last coleus struggle for a second chance at life, so I watered the plant with fish/ seaweed fertilizer, rather than my standby fertilizer, and within three days, the coleus greened up with healed stems; however, the most spectacular feature was the color of the leaves. The colors had never been so bright, or radiant. In fact, they were so brilliant that they almost didn’t seem real.
Usually people turn to lab-derived nitrogen-based chemical fertilizers in search of such off- the- chart- results. Yet, no synthetic nitrogen tonic ever delivered such radiant results for us, during our pre-organic days. I knew then, through the lesson of this coleus, responding to the fertilizers of the sea, that all I would ever need as gardener would come from nature’s horn of plenty. And that horn-of-plenty, of course, includes the sea!
The subsequent decades would reveal a multitude of gardening successes tied to our favorite fish and seaweed fertilizer. One summer in particular stands out. We planted a tomato that was new to us – today it is familiar to many home gardeners, a cherry tomato type called “Sweet Million.” The variety itself was engineered for plenitude, but the additional of fish/ seaweed fertilizer made my rows of this tomato simply BOOM. There seemed to be no end to the harvest of these very sweet cherry tomatoes.
By season’s end, I calculated that we had grown at least a thousand dollars’ worth of these edible gems. We ate the tomatoes fresh, froze them, sundried them, and made one piquant cinnamon tomato jam! Of course, a standard fertilizer might have done the same, so getting these results, organically, added to our spirit of success as home gardeners. Organic gardening has its challenges, and we needed something to make it easier. Additionally, we wanted to love our garden and harvest the love, rather than put our little patch of heaven on steroids. There is no reason for organic gardeners to settle for paltry, substandard harvests, diminished blossoms or fruit-size. The secret is to choose one’s garden nutrients wisely.
During those very real salad days, there were not many organic gardeners around us. But today, the need to plant with sustainable organic fertilizer has never been greater. And we find ourselves far from alone. It is a matter of personal, familial, and planetary health to choose organic options wherever and whenever we can
Happily, we found this fertilizer suitable for all our gardening needs, performing exceptionally well with vegetables, herbs, and flowers. For optimal results, use Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed fertilizer every time you water your outdoor garden and house plants. Your entire garden will deliver more brilliant and sustainable results!

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By Maria Jacketti, Ph.D.

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