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Platinum Product: Vermont Nature Creations: Hanging Water Garden

Hanging Water Garden

Fancy Round Hanging Water Garden (Rooter), Green

Vermont Nature Creations offers us a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day,  Earth Day, birthday,that special occasion, and every day. Consider buying one of the company’s hanging water gardens instead of a traditional bouquet this year.

I am enjoying the presence of the Fancy Round Hanging Water Garden, featuring panels of green stained glass, in my dining room, where it is hanging chockfull of rooting- plants. The room has but one window and has begged for this special embellishment.

The hanging garden arrived with a selection of cuttings already rooting, including two types of ivy, and spider plant. So, you don’t have to wait for cuttings if you decide to purchase a hanging garden in the middle of winter. An immediate green bouquet is already in the works. The ivy, in particular immediately drape around the hanging water garden, adding the art of nature to this already lovely rooter.

I have nothing against receiving a bouquet of flowers any day of the week or for any holiday; however, this gift idea sparkles with genuine refreshment. Because I constantly think about my garden, I have an ally in propagating new plants. After you start several plants, the hanging water has paid for itself and continues to produce new plants for the indoor or outdoor garden. It is really up to you. The product, itself, offers infinite possibilities and flourishes on one’s own green creativity.

I wish I had three or four of the planters actually: they beautify my home and inspire me to start plants from cuttings. Currently, I am working on some coleus, and I soon hope to root-start some herbs that tend to be rather pricey anywhere you can find them, these days. For me, these include two scented geraniums, snowflake and apricot, and a pineapple sage plant that has weathered an extremely harsh winter here in the Pocono Northeast.

The hanging water comes safely packaged to prevent shipping damage – and is easy to assemble. I believe it took us fewer than five minutes to figure out the parts, put it together, and hang it the dining room window, with cuttings completely arranged.

Our family loves the ethos behind this creation. Vermont Nature Creations offers an array of artistically inspired hanging water gardens.   Our mission is to participate in the creation of a greener Earth. When tend our gardens we become part of the great endeavor of making more oxygen. And in generally, our homes require more safe botanicals to absorb and reprocess potential toxins in the air. These beautiful hanging water gardens enhance and enable this mission.

Somehow, my hanging water garden made me think about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Ten Ancient Wonders of the World. Demolished in time, it still holds court in the world imagination through artists’ depictions. Hanging gardens made sense to the ancient Babylonians during their quest of building paradisiac gardens. Building gardens, skyward, is certainly a very important green trend today.

Any day is an excellent time to invest in one of these small wonders. Mother Nature, certainly, will applaud this purchase, too!

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