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Platinum Products: Have a Green Party! Susty Party

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Susty Party

Here’s some very good news: now you can throw an elegant party and not worry about increasing your carbon footprint. I first stumbled upon Susty Party’s elegant Facebook site and thought: What a great idea: sustainable party ware!
Most party ware today is not green and/ or sustainable. It is usually made cheap and fast, with only a stark bottom line in mind. On the other hand, Susty Party’s take on the age- old need to party is downright visionary.
Susty’s Party makes outfitting a party affordable. The prices for these premium products should fall within most people’s “special occasion” budgets.
All the products I tried are compostable, meaning they are biodegrade, meaning they return harmoniously to the Earth in elemental form within a short time. Compare this to plastic knives, works, and spoons, and other plastic party items that will be around for perhaps thousands of years. Plastic and chlorine-free, these beauties are also non-toxic.
Think about it: who wants to be hosting a party for their six-year-old, delivering a meticulously home-made cake, with a side of cheap plastic?
I also love that the products are made from sustainably harvested paper, and to make the products even more attractive, they are manufactured in Ohio by blind workers. Susty Party is company set on doing panoramic good, while setting a phenomenal example of across-the-board social responsibility in action.
Needless to say, the products are designed to be understated and charismatically appealing. (I mean they are pretty but not loud-looking.) The timeless designs took me back to the charm of my parents’ Eisenhower administration ice cream parlor. Some designs are perfect: they never go out of style.
Like many Boomers, I am drawn to improved classics.
I was also impressed by the strength of the party ware, overall. Many paper products today are very flimsy. Last night I sipped glass after glass of homemade soda through one straw! It was still sturdy at the end of the long evening of work. (Actually, I am going to re-use my straw today!)
The wooden cutlery is also amazingly strong and well-made. This type of quality control is evident through the entire line.
In fact, with this line of party ware, you should not have to worry about any items collapsing under pressure of food or drink. The quality shines through.
Susty Party shows us how to have a party and feel good, if not great, about it. We can celebrate, have style and charm, and still set great examples for a world in need of these rare virtues.
10 oz. Paper Cups, 12 pack: $4.99
Desert Plate, 8 pack: $4.99
Wood Cutlery Set, 8 knives, 8 forks, 8 spoons: $6.99
Straws: 50 pack, $6.99
Cocktail Napkins: 200 pack, $7.99

Maria Jacketti, Ph.D.

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