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Review of the Totally Tomatoes 2018 Catalog: a Tomato Lovers’ Catalog

Totally Tomatoes

This tomato lovers’ catalog actually offers more than tomatoes. However, for the sake of this review I will focus mainly on the love apples that we all so adore, those powerhouses of lycopene and other phytonutrients. It is definitely a great idea to dedicate a catalog to tomatoes and the vegetables that marry well with them. That is what happens here.

As a tomato lover and one who plants many varieties, it will be hard for me to narrow down the selection. But I am giving it my best. I hope to choose tomato varieties that I have not spoken about elsewhere.

  1. Egg Yolk Tomato: This is a bright yellow cherry tomato that is so vividly colored that egg yolks come to mind. I find the 80-85 days a little bit of a longer season for a cherry tomato, but given the amazing color of these beauties, it will be well worth the wait.
  2. Mushroom Basket Tomato: This is love at first blush for me. I have never seen this tomato before. The tomato is gorgeously ribbed. The catalog description tells us that the tomatoes are a rare watermelon pink. I am surprised by the relatively short season these tomatoes, 75 days.
  3. Sweet Million Hybrid: I have been growing this tomato for over two decades. The key word about this tomato is “million.” This tomato variety makes you feel like a tomato-land millionaire. The flavor is better than any supermarket cherry, and you will grow more than enough to share with just a few plants. I you want to feel successful, and actually be successful as a tomato grower, I highly recommend Sweet Million. You should start getting tomatoes by July here in the Pocono Northeast with this reliable gem.
  4. Lemon Boy: I have also grown this hybrid. Contrast this genuinely lemon-colored beauty with the egg-yolk tomato, and you will be exploring the depths of the milder yellow tomato rainbow. 72 days.
  5. Rainbow Beefsteak Blend: I am a great fan of this type of selection since we have a small urban space for our garden, and we love growing a great variety of tomatoes. This selection promises a selection of multicolored heirlooms, a veritable rainbow of them, ranging in ripening time from 75-110 days. Thirty seeds sell for $2.45. Magnificent!
  6. Black Sea Man: This heirloom from Russian is notable for its dazzling appearance, “brown black skins with pink shoulders.” The catalog describes the coloration as a little odd. I find it amazing and adventurous. 75 days.
  7. Orange Jazz: This orange beefsteak tomato is totally new to me and offers, a hint of peach flavor! How can anyone resist this promise? 85 days. We can do that.
  8. Aunt Molly Husk Tomato: How do we love this fruit— can we count the ways? We have grown this fruit for 30 years. I normally call it a “Cape Gooseberry.” Some people call it a “Strawberry Tomato.” Perhaps these are different varieties. The flavor is in a universe all of its own. They make a glorious addition to salads, and Wayne has made a marvelous jam with them on several occasions. I love them! 65-90 days.
  9. Geranium Kiss: We are increasingly interested in all aspects of container gardening, not only when it comes to tomatoes. On the other hand, new tomato varieties promise us marvelous possibilities for growing tomatoes in pots. Geranium Kiss offers a short season and Goldilocks, just right size, for cultivating multiple plants in multiple containers. Be brave, decorate your lawn with tomato pots! 65 days.
  10. Heirloom Cherry Blend: Yes, here I go again! This seed package promises me my rainbow of colors with a 70-80 day growing season!

As Tomato Queen, it was outrageously difficult for me to pick 10 varieties here. I want to order almost every seed packet in the catalog. While I did not describe them, I want to add purple, black and white tomatoes to my order.

Here at Mountain Laurel Copywriting and Content Creation, we plant an organic gardener. However, we are not orthodox. Organic for us means we do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on our plants. We do not limit ourselves to purchasing organic seeds. (Hard-core organic gardeners, sorry.)

We test plants and seeds for companies that wish to share with us. Anything sent to us should be appropriate for our crazy climate here in the Pocono Northeast.

Climate change is dramatically evident in our back and front yards. Like any aware gardeners, we are struggling with climate change and a dearth of bees. Nevertheless, we do not give up.

We encourage the companies’ whose products we choose to review to use our blogs on Facebook and/ or their websites. Please simply provide a link to our website, and the author’s name.

Happy gardening! Super cool catalog!

Please. Please. Please. Give us a lot more variety packets.



Totally Tomatoes

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Randolph, WI 53956

Copyright 2018 by Maria Jacketti

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