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Seraphine Botanicals Carrot + Rose Hydrating Cream


This botanical cream arrived in my Ipsy bag several months ago. It is suitable for facial and body moisturizing.  I have been using it mostly as a hand cream around my dry cuticles.

You will find my review of this cream genuinely mixed, as it has a number of wonderful, insightful promises – but also one top ingredient in its formulation made me grunt, “What?”

Adding rose extract, essential oil or another rose derivative to a beauty product is something of a no-brainer. But when I look for roses, per se, on the label, they are conspicuously absent.

 We have thousands of years of beauty lore that point to roses being the quintessential flowers of beauty.  So, I really expected the cream to at least have a rosy aroma, but it doesn’t. To me it smells rather like strawberries, with some other fruits, probably berries tossed in.

I can see this fragrance as being more attractive to millennials who sadly might find a surge of old fashioned roses, fusty. The fragrance is indeed very good.

The marriage of roses with carrots is brilliant from a marketing perspective. I make a carrot juice blend every night for the family; the antioxidant benefits of these orange gems should be enjoyed from the inside out, and from outside in.

But carrots without the roses, again, might just seem too fusty, or at least nouveau-hippy.

And when I look for carrots on the label, I hear, “Strike Two.”  It’s my common sense talking.

When I look at the ingredients’ label, I can’t find any actual rose or carrot! Is that the berry fragrance I’m loving – roses confabulated with carrots? I want to know. Yet I don’t think so.

I don’t even see from the label that the fragrance is natural.

Now, I am wondering aloud if I have been duped!

I don’t want to be duped since I really like the cream. It is not greasy at all, and I have oily skin!

I can be solar-flare enlightened when it comes to shopping, making me the ultimate unicorn consumer.

Picture a green unicorn with a horn that changes colors. It’s red now because I am angry.

The cream is vegan and cruelty free, but the fact that its second ingredient after water is mineral oil makes me bristle beyond garden variety unhappiness.

Yes, mineral oil is a non-greasy moisturizer. But it is also cheap and fossil-fuel based.

Seraphine, your name speaks of angels. And with this cream, you can do better, by sourcing it closer to nature. I don’t think you have this product quite right, yet.

A fluid ounce plus a squinch (1.1. fluid ounces) sells for $19.00, which is a hefty price for a mineral oil-based product.

Despite the lovely fragrance and non-greasiness, I won’t be shelling out over $20 bucks for this one.




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