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Way Better Chips Are Really Better


We have tried a variety of Way Better Chips and found them all to be healthy alternatives to salt and additive-laden types that you will find in most grocery stores. Our common complaint, as we write from our home base of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, is that we can’t find the chips in stores here, so we rely on the Internet, specifically, Amazon Prime, and our bimonthly trips to Wegmans in Wilkes-Barre to get our supplies.

To say that we enter Wegmans with an agenda rather than a grocery list is something of an understatement.  It’s over a 60-mile round-trip to the store, which makes it a gasoline splurge.  Given this conundrum, we scramble to find balance.

Our family’s goal is to get greener and healthier on all levels. While we felt that we were holding back the tide of the toxic American lifestyle, my husband Wayne’s heart attack three years ago, and my diagnosis last December with Type 2 diabetes, with my numbers running over 500,  delivered us wake up calls.  What we were doing was not good enough, and we needed to wake up fast!

As a diabetic and a flexitarian, I’ve had to make some quantum adjustments to my diet. Gone are the days of heaping plates full of vegetable lasagna!

Above all, I have had to limit my intake of all carbohydrates.  There are days and nights when there seems that there is little to eat without packing on the carbs. So, these days, when I reach for them, I need to make them count, for I have no sugars or starches to squander.  I want them to also deliver to me and my family vitamins and phytonutrients.

Between crunching on down on my crudités, I make room for Way Better chips made with sprouted grains.  (Purchasing breads with sprouted grains is also a great idea.) The fact that the grains are sprouted pumps up the chips’ nutritional profile. Thus far, we have tried Multi-Grain, Sweet Potato, Naked Blues, Black Bean, Sriracha and my absolute favorite the tangy and piquant Mustard and Onion flavor.

Each has a unique personality and delivers fresh taste and aroma.  Try Sweet Potato, and you will savor the genuine earthy sweetness of that vegetable.

Now, if spiciness is what you crave, Sriracha and Mustard and Onion await you. Personally, I will not let any of the varieties pass me by, while remembering that I must indeed partake in moderation.

My daughter and husband can indulge more than I can.  And that’s good news, since this is a guacamole house.  In fact, ours might be the biggest and most enthusiastic gringo guacamole house this side of Mexico.  We are growing our own limes in a container – the redolent of a perfume that I don’t think the English language has adequate words to describe. Ordinary grocery store limes have one note: bright lime. Well, who can argue with that when crowning a mojito?

However, homegrown limes have complex floral overtones.

When we have enough of them, we squeeze that precious juice into our guac.

Having said that, we can’t just dip into the glorious mush without a chip that can truly complement it. Before we found Way Better Chips, we really didn’t understand what we were missing.  And they have also proved to be a favorite when we explore the wide world of hummus.

The company also makes other products, such as crackers. We look forward to sampling and reviewing them soon.

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