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What We Can Learn from Leafware

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We have fallen in love with Leafware for many reasons.
First we are impressed by the quality of the product.
The dishes, bowls, knives, forks and spoons are incredibly strong. So, if you expect disposable dinnerware to be flimsy, Leafware will turn around that idea instantly. When using Leafware, I have no fear of dishes collapsing.
We also love the history behind this “new” green product. In fact, the concept behind Leafware is both old and new, and we believe that it offers us an important lesson.
Leafware’s website discusses how leaves have been used as disposable bowls and such through history. Yet, Leafware, the product, captures this idea without looking primitive. Instead, it is stylish and trendy while being absolutely ecological. I compost the dinnerware and ultimately they become a part of my garden.
Besides this, it is hard to imagine what head would not be turned when served something luscious on Leafware. We find the warm brown of the pressed leaves that create Leafware inviting and elegant.
But in fact, you can find inviting and elegant elsewhere, too. On the other hand, will your choices be sustainable?
This company has incredible vision. Its founders have looked to history and the practices of indigenous peoples to bring the world products that all consumers should love – if they care about the Earth’s future.

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