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Who’s the Hottest of Them All? Chelsea Fire Wicked Hot Sauce!


Who’s the Hottest of Them All? Chelsea Fire Wicked Hot Sauce!

Hot sauce?  Feelings about it either run very hot or absolutely frigid.

In our house, we adore it.  And we even collect the condiment. Hardly a meal goes by chez nous, without a splash of this tingling sauce awakening a dish.

Hot sauce may involve a variety of peppers such as cayennes, chilis, habeneros and/ or ghost peppers.

And these hot sauces are not always red – some varieties, in fact, are more plush avocado green, a hue that reminds me of guacamole.

For those who think all hot sauces are the same – this may be a culinary wake-up call.  The basic, generic grocery store hot sauce is quite mild and designed for a general audience of hot sauce aficionados. Call them “beginner hot sauces.”

However, we love very hot hot sauce, and I even find it medicinal in nature. 

I mean, when I consume hot sauce, I feel energized.  If I am having a blah day, I instantly perk up, and even my aches and pains and sinus woes improve.

Now, I am NOT recommending you consume hot sauce for these reasons, here; I am only speaking about my very positive experiences.

As a cook, I can’t help but recommend this particular brand of hot sauce. “Wicked” is a part of its name, and we believe that adjective stands for “wickedly good.” 

Ghost peppers help create this brilliant recipe.  And while quite spicy, it does not burn out the taste buds. 

We also find its taste quite complex with a surprising hint of fruitiness.

If you and your family are shy about going to an extreme with hot sauce, any hot sauce, we suggest that you just add a dash, for starters, to your favorite foods.

Beyond the flavor sparkles of this hot sauce, we find it company’s social mission worth sharing.

This hot sauce incorporates history into its brand. Chelsea Massachusetts experienced devastating fires in 1908 and 1973. During this time, according to the company’s website, neighbors joined forces to overcome the aftermath of the conflagrations.

Today, Chelsea Fire Hot Sauce LLC donates five percent of every purchase to the National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation, which aids the families of fallen firefighters.

What do you think about this mission? We applaud it, and envision it as part of the “new normal” for 21st century businesses.

Join our conversation and let us know, as more and more companies are emerging that have not only great products but socially meaningful agendas.

That means that we want to hear from you, here on this blog. We want your comments, and we want to talk back to you.

We consider this conversation part of the “Great Conversation” that is, the awakening of our society to a mission of becoming worldwide neighbors.

Thus, we congratulate Chelsea Fire Wicked Hot Sauce on doing just that!


$6.00 per bottle.

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