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The Dark Side of Blogging

Will You Choose Dark Side Blogging?

There are a lot of purely evil blogs out there. Of course, behind these evil blogs stand evil people. Some belong to gangs or may be white supremacists. Others may just be lone wolf haters. Perhaps others are terrorists. Others are just jerks with megaphones.

Hatred comes in more flavors than Baskin Robbins ever conjured.

Many hate sites are political blogs that seek to pervert the constitution and institute new laws of their own through any number of odious tactics, including scapegoating.

When I look at the blogosphere, it seems just like most of deep space. That is, it is made up of very dark matter. In between it all, there is light.

The law has not yet caught up the Internet and issues of harassment and libel. It is possible that depending upon the embedded media that may be used in blogging, slander is also possible.

These are all criminal offenses carrying various penalties.

Right now, if you are on Facebook and end up a victim of one of these bloggers, it is likely that the organization will slap the speaker/ writer on the wrist. But we can’t even count on that happening.

Eventually, the law will catch up with these bloggers and hate sites on the Internet, overall. But I rather doubt that it will happen too soon.

Right now, it is up to the person being victimized by these purveyors of detestation to pursue a course of action.

As a species, we homo sapiens, are accepting the gifts of technology blindly, without considering the consequences much. We wear the costume of pleasure-apes until our gross animal natures do us in.

In fact, we only tend to perk ourselves up to attention when hate crimes hit home.

Certainly, good government should work in a much more proactive way to protect its citizenry. And given that our current president tweets like a pterodactyl, I can only say, “Good luck with that.”

It is up to bloggers and readers of blogs to be vigilant and read with critical senses, always on high alert. When good people remain silent in the face of bullies and other egregious abusers, consequences ripple across the web. And one day, they may actually land at your doorstep.

This has certainly been the case with me.

There are no ten commandments of blogging. I could write them, but who would listen? People may try to illustrate a code of ethics. But none of this is being enforced with honor or vigor.

If you are not familiar with Axl Rose’s hit “Welcome to the Jungle,” you may want to look it up on YouTube. This song gives us a great metaphorical look into the blogosphere, the Internet in general, and our nouveau-barbarian world.

It takes a brave soul to write any blog in the jungle we know as the blogosphere.

Only you make your own code of ethics. Hopefully, you have a conscience and act responsibly.

Copyright 2017 by Maria Jacketti

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