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Rocket Fuel for the Green and Sustainable Family

Rocket Fuel for the Green and Sustainable Family: Volume I: The Basics One There is a lot of talk today, serious discussion, about abandoning Planet Earth for Mars or another sphere. Well, you can count me out. Like billions of others, I call this place home, and I am not about to jump ship and […]

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doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub from Southern Roots Essential Oil Society

One of my all-time favorite songs is Carly Simon’s class rock hit, “Haven’t Got Time for the Pain.” Frankly, I don’t have time for any pain, and I don’t want to make time for the discomfort that comes with injuries (I have two herniated discs from a car accident in 1990, and I also suffer […]

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Our Selection of the Ten Best Seed/Nursery Catalogs Continues….

This is something that we at Mountain Laurel Copywriting would like to make a tradition. We have already selected two of our favorites: Seeds n’ Such and the Burpee catalog. And as it snows and freezes outside as I write this, we are also still getting catalogs in the mail. For many of us, the […]

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Your Best Blog Deal

The best blog deal just for you! Do you want me to blog for you? Well then, you are considering making a very wise choice. As a guest blogger, I charge $150 per blog; however, with a year-long commitment of four blogs per month, I cut that rate in half! You can get four blogs […]

Remembering My Father and the News

I can’t believe it has been months since I’ve plunged into the blogosphere. Being a newspaper woman has occupied my days and condensed them into time that has seems like mere minutes, rather than months. I began working for The Hazleton Standard Speaker in late February. Since I have a degree in mass communications, and […]

The Way Not to Do Business, Part 3

After the third hack of my debit card, I headed off to a bank known to have uber-security. This house of cash, which calls itself a “store” (I found that very odd), can’t guarantee that cards won’t get compromised either; nevertheless, they promise quick resolution to such problems, if they occur. I am still working […]

The Way Not to Do Business, Part 2

Please don’t think that I am here to bash small banks. Quite the opposite: my history as a writer shows that I am on the side of small businesses. Banking, as an industry, however, has some very unique challenges, ones at the moment that the mega-banks seem to be handling better. The biggest challenge that […]

The Way Not to Do Business, Part 1

This story stretches over a period of almost a year and involves multiple failures in customer service. Rather than being just a quick tale of frustration, it developed into a saga that can’t be elaborated in just one blog post. I have left out the names of the guilty -not to protect them but rather […]

Our College Paper Review Services Empower Students – They Learn to Become Better Writers!

We started our paper review service as a response to a dire Internet trend.  As you may know, too many students are buying essays and research papers online. I am a former college professor who wrestled with this issue only on occasion. My secret was to give specific, reading-driven topics that had to meet benchmarks […]

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From Hazleton, Pennsylvania, We Cast Our Net

Welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy your time here. Our goal in this website’s creation was to give you a clear, uncluttered tour of our many services. The forest on our landing page represents who we are in many ways. Mimicking that forest, we hope that you find us to be a […]