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Greetings from Mountain Laurel Copywriting

We hope you are doing well and remaining healthy during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. Of course, we are aware that most businesses are now online and facing many diverse struggles. We invite you to visit our website www.mountainlaurelcopywriting.com to check out our testimonials. We can help you with numerous forms of writing including but not limited to press releases, blogs, articles, web copy, business plans, and grant writing.

During COVID-19 and afterward, we are facing what is usually referred to as “The New Normal.” Beyond this, we also are told that it may take as many as two years for a COVID-19 vaccine to be developed! Clearly, most businesses must adjust or perish. We are here to help your businesses adjust and thrive. Given that such social distancing has never happened before, at least in modern times, consumers will be turning to online shopping more than ever. It is happening right now. Where would we be without the lifelines of online shopping?

Leaders in public health tell us that we are facing one of some viral pandemics to come. As population grows and humans move into virgin forested territory, the Earth is not only losing oxygen generation in places like the Amazon, but also viral populations that may have lain undisturbed for millennia are now released into the domain of humans. Many solutions to our dire plight dwell in the realm of enlightened business.
Mountain Laurel Copywriting and Content Creation is a great source for educational outreach and course development.
We look for long-term client relationships and those who wish to work with us via retainers. When feasible, we also offer free three-hundred-word product reviews. We have archived many of these on our site.
Contact at us at wfunk@msn.com; 570-579-4977.
Our company is small; however, the potential outreach remains vast.

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