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The Next “Diet” Soda

As a diabetic, it is sometimes difficult to lead a green-life, especially when an urge for a soda hits me.stevia

So, when possible, I satisfy my desire for the bubbly with a stevia-sweetened variety, but they are hard to find here in the Pocono Northeast, unless I make a trip to Wilkes-Barre to Wegmans.

And of course, these sodas remain a bit expensive, especially for a bubbly guzzler like me.

But I believe that during this century, soda as we know it is going change – and for the better!

Soda will become either stevia or monk fruit sweetened.

Yes, there will still be sugarmonk fruit-sweetened soda for those who really want or need to have it.

However, sugar will become the new cigarettes. And the sugar lobby will need to retreat to a shame-faced corner of society.

For those of us who swear off sugar, stevia and monk fruit will meet all of our needs, including yes, that of affordable soda.

I am not sure if my “dream soda” will ever be dirt cheap since it will be sweetened with these miracle ingredients.

It will also be naturally flavored and colored.

And on a final note – yes, it will contain vitamins, herbs, and super-fruit extracts.

Here at home, I often make simple naturally sweetened soda by using  seltzer  with true fruit extract to which I add powdered stevia.

The flavors possible these days are really extraordinary ranging from old-school lemon-lime to smooth and summery peach-vanilla.

These beverages remind me of old fashioned Italian sodas.

Of course, if natural sugar is not a problem, choose your favorite juice in various proportions: one quarter, one third, or half part juice, and add it to the remainder of club soda or flavored seltzer.

It works!

Stay tuned for more tips on how to use stevia to curb sugar addiction and improve health.

We can end diabetes during this century of great change! And yes, we will still have our sweets: Only this time they will be good for us.

Copyright 2016 by Maria Jacketti

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