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We can…

  • Announce a sale, or re-launch, and send out coupons.
  • Send a newsletter (We can write your newsletter.)
  • Deliver an article (We can write it for you.)
  • Deliver a free eBook or report (Let us write the eBook and autoresponders for you.)
  • Send a Happy Birthday message.
  • Send an anniversary or holiday message (with holidays, you may want to arrange for a series.)
  • Send automatic thank you notes.
  • Create a course and send it out automatically. (We can design curricula.)
  • Send out a press release. (We will write it for you.)
  • Announce changes in your company or re-branding.
  • Tell your clients about webinars or special in-person events.
  • Create a soap opera series drip campaign that will certainly spice up the lives your clients.


Let Maria Jacketti, Ph.D. write your…

  • Copy
  • Content
  • eBooks
  • Direct mail sales letters
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Websites, landing pages, and web copy
  • Curricula and educational content
  • White papers
  • Business plans
  • Ads
  • Scripts
  • Blogs
  • Reports
  • Memoranda
  • Grants
  • Product reviews


We provide Facebook hosting. If you need intelligent, creative posts about your products, contact us.


We offer editorial services.


We deliver Spanish to English and French to English translation services.


Want to become a better writer? We have private online tutorials in creative and expository writing.


Mountain Laurel Copywriting and Content Creation provides digital and traditional print services.


Great reasons to choose Mountain Laurel Copywriting and Content Creation:

  • We provide web pages that convert!
  • The absolutely panoramic diversity of our services.


Our Interests

  • General copywriting
  • Green copywriting
  • Educational copywriting
  • Socially progressive copywriting

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