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doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub from Southern Roots Essential Oil Society

doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub

One of my all-time favorite songs is Carly Simon’s class rock hit, “Haven’t Got Time for the Pain.” Frankly, I don’t have time for any pain, and I don’t want to make time for the discomfort that comes with injuries (I have two herniated discs from a car accident in 1990, and I also suffer from migraine headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome). While I don’t focus on these physical ailments, sometimes they just bang their drums, causing me to notice them and take some sort of action.

I found that doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub provided me with significant relief from all three of my major areas of concern. First, I tried rubbing dabs of it together in my hands, as I do with all essential oils and essential oil blends. Simply inhaling it, provided nearly instantaneous relief, opening my sinuses. I know that my headaches are often sinus-related.

The fragrance is redolent of mint, but contains much more. (No, this is not your grandparents’ Bengay!) As I continued to smooth the rub into my hands, carpal tunnel pain diminished. My lower back pain also subsided.

I know all to well that many of the products I review on this site come with price tags that make some gasp. Yet, we all need to consider the worth of investment products that are crafted and manufactured in far different ways than what we usually find on drug store shelves.

This rub contains a proprietary blend of essential oils, many of which are very expensive if purchased individually.

If I had to buy each of these oils separately, I would most likely spend several hundred dollars. And then of course, I would have to blend them together into a neutral lotion, making sure that I got some of the trickier oils just in the right proportion. If not, I would risk burning my skin.

I was not surprised to find essential oils (EOs) of wintergreen and peppermint in the mix. Wintergreen is warming and peppermint, cooling. Although if either of these oils is not blended expertly, they can burn the skin. The presence of eucalyptus, as well as camphor oil, definitely explains more of the sinus and headache relief I experienced.

Other essential oils include upliftingly floral ylang ylang, Roman chamomile, astonishingly expensive Helichrysum (everlasting) oil and blue tansy. I grow huge amounts of yellow tansy in my garden each year. This herb/flower is not culinary; it provides astonishing cleansing and insecticidal benefits.

Blue tansy provides distinct benefits, again some that point to help with breathing, allergies and headaches. Unlike its pungent yellow cousin, this rare blue flower is said by some to have an apple-like aroma. This of course, is a matter of opinion— many people find chamomile very apple-like. But I find it just slightly apple-escent. We lack the vocabulary in our language to aptly describe complex fragrances.

However, a teensy bottle of blue tansy EO can easily cost $40. That’s just factual.

Abundant Plant Extracts

One of the more pleasant surprises found in this rub is the quantity of plant extracts that it also synthesizes. The harmony created here between essential oils and the extracts is particularly notable, as well as overtly synergistic.

The plant extracts include gardenia, osmanthus, and capsicum, that is, hot pepper. Another extract is squeezed out of chlorella, algae, hailing from nutrient-verdant waters.

At times, I have certainly needed strong Western medicine to relieve pain. And the same goes for my husband. In fact, Western medicine has saved both of our lives. Yet, overall, I believe in holistic medicine: mind/body/soul medicine.

If you also subscribe to holistic medicinal views, you may want to try Deep Blue Rub and test its effectiveness before moving on to the more heavy-duty pain killers.

Thanks again to Morgan Gilbert of the Southern Heritage Essential Oil Society for providing samples of three of her products. She reminds us to slow down and take deep aroma-therapeutic breaths, when we can.

And when we think we can’t, that is when we most need to do it!

Of course, always seek immediate medical care when experiencing acute and/or chronic pain. That means, go to your medical doctor, or an E.R.

Gilbert, who is a health care professional, and ultra-enthusiastic about her work with essential oil products, proved very available to me to answer questions.

Her commitment to the work she is sharing definitely shines through.

Retail: $39, Wholesale: $29.25, 4 fl. Oz

Shop at https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/southernrootseosocietymg

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  1. Thanks, Maria! I will try this one!
  2. Maria Jacketti says:
    This is an amazing rub because of the many, I mean the multitude of essential oils that are blended here with such exactitude. I have used dabs of it to ease headaches, and slightly more on broader muscluar pains. One thing that remains very clear about this company’s essential oils: They are freshly potent. They sing.
  3. NadIA Villanueva says:
    Wow this is amazing, thanks Maria!!!

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