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More Product Reviews Coming from Mountain Laurel Copywriting

After a hiatus that was just too long, we here at Mountain Laurel Copywriting will begin posting product
reviews again. If you have missed our past reviews, check our archives. We will be sticking to our values
in presenting products that can help you live a sustainable twenty-first century life. We like products
that are green and help people live a more home-based life. We are also committed to lowering our
carbon footprint.
Home is where the heart is, for sure. Home is the hearth. It is no wonder then why America has
seen an explosion in home ownership during the COVID-19 crisis. If there is something good that has
come out of the pandemic, it is this: more people are working from home, or very near their homes.
That is how humans evolved: home-based.
When men, in particular, left their homes during most of human history, it was be to go to war.
This was catastrophic, and very much of a last resort. Now let’s zoom forward into the present moment.
There is something tremendously unnatural about getting in a fossil-fueled vehicle to
drive/commute several hours to work and back. So much of life is squandered. So, our advice is: Stay
home and make a home. Be present as your kids grow up. Be there. Establish roots. Touch the Earth
with more hands and feet than wheels.
We will review good products to make your abode a home.

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